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Metro Zip

Use your Zip Card to ride our buses!

Students, faculty and staff of The University of Akron can ride METRO line-service routes for FREE* by simply swiping their Zip Card in the farebox.

Not sure what route to take? Use our trip planner, system map, or how-to videos to figure out how to get where you need to go. We also offer free travel training sessions so you can learn the ins and outs of public transit one-on-one. (P.S. We can also travel train groups!)

Need to transfer from a METRO bus to GCRTA, SARTA or PARTA? Ask your operator for a transfer and bring it with you on your next bus.

If you happen to have left your backpack, coat, homework or bike (yes, it happens!) on one of our buses, chances are our clean-up crew found it. Please contact our customer service department at 330-762-0341 to retrieve your item from lost and found.

The Zip Card can be used on METRO's Northcoast Express routes to Cleveland to receive a $1 discount. The Zip Card is not valid on METRO SCAT.

METRO Zip Card