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 Plan Your Trip Now

Use the trip planner to get where you're going! Trip planner data is accurate and updated to the best of our ability. Please note the planner may not run smoothly on Google Chrome. Detours will not be included on the Trip Planner, so call 330.762.0341 for detour information. Send your feedback to

How To Plan Your Trip

  1. Start planning your trip by visiting
  2. Click the “Directions” button on the Google Maps search bar.
  3. Where do you want to go?  Select the bus icon as your form of transportation. Then, type your starting point in the top bar and type your destination in the bottom bar.
  4. When do you want to leave? Click the drop-down menu and select “leave now,” “depart at” and insert the time and date you need to leave, “arrive by” and insert the time and date you need to be at your destination, or “last available” to find the latest route.
  5. You will see different route options, including bus numbers and travel times. Select the route that best fits your needs and click “details.” The window will expand and show you step-by-step directions.
  6. Send the directions to your phone via text or email, share the link on Facebook, Twitter or Google, or print them out. And you’re off! Happy riding :)