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GTFS Data & Shapefiles

General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)

METRO RTA’s transit data is available in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS). This dataset includes schedule data for all of METRO’s fixed routes. The feed allows METRO to share our public transit information with developers.

Geographic Information Systems Shapefile

METRO RTA bus route and bus stop data is also available in shapefile form for use in Geographic Information Systems software. This data can be used for mapping and analysis purposes.

Download the Data

GTFS Real-Time Feed

Using the Data

This data feed is free to download and use in applications. It is updated periodically as schedules, routes, and/or stops change. Please email if you have comments or questions about this data. To learn more about GTFS, visit Google's dedicated page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GTFS?

GTFS is the acronym of General Transit Feed Specification, a feed that allows transit agencies to publish their data for developers to use when they write applications. For more information, visit Google’s dedicated page.

What’s included in METRO’s GTFS feed?

Our feed includes data for all of METRO’s fixed routes.

How often are METRO’s GTFS and Shapefiles updated?

We update our GTFS data and Shapefiles periodically as schedules, routes, and/or stops change.

How can I have access to METRO’s GTFS data feed and Shapefiles?

Click here to download this feed.

I believe there’s an error in the data. How can I let METRO know about this?

Please email to report any error or inconsistency you might find in our GTFS data.

How much does it cost to use this data?

You can use METRO’s GTFS data and Shapefiles free of charge.

Can I sell this data to other developers?

No, you cannot. However, you can download our data for free and use it in applications you sell later for a profit.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

For further questions or comments about METRO’s GTFS data feed or Shapefiles, email

METRO RTA disclaims and accepts no responsibility for any and all damage, loss or liability, whether direct, indirect or consequential, which arises or may arise from the data on this website or the use thereof by any person or entity. Any user of this information accepts the same as is, with all faults or discrepancies, and assumes all responsibility for the use thereof, and further covenants and agrees to hold METRO RTA harmless from and against any damage, loss or liability arising from any use of the information. Check back periodically to assure you have the most up-to-date data.