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Walt Young Jr. Takes Home Roadeo 2011 Crown!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011 3:51:08 PM Categories: Events METRO News

Oh, there's not really a crown, per say.

METRO Operator Walt Young Jr. snagged top honors at a recent driving competition between METRO and Stark Area Transit Authority (SARTA). Walt placed first among METRO operators and first overall in the wheel-to-wheel challenge Sunday, June 12.

In the first test, contestants had to drive the right rear wheels of the bus between narrow rows of tennis balls set to a diminishing tire clearance of less than three inches. The goal was to make it through without touching the tennis balls. Next was a series of winding turns and back-up maneuvers made through tight-set rows of orange traffic cones.

To finish out the course, operators gathered speed and drove between a gauntlet of blue barrels set apart just wide enough to let the buses pass through.

METRO winners – First Place: Operator Walter Young; Second Place: Operator Marshall Preston, last year’s champion and overall winner, and; Third Place: Operator Lloyd Melton

SARTA winners – First Place: Operator Dana Featheringham, SARTA’s first-ranking operator from last year; Second Place: Debra Franklin, and; Third Place: Operator Michael Ross

First place finishers from both transit authorities will compete in the 2012 APTA Bus Roadeo in Long Beach, California.

 Operator Walt Young Jr. Reacts to News of His Win.