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METRO needs your help to drive forward! 

It's time for change. All over the country, transit agencies have seen passengers' travel patterns shifting and overall ridership is beginning to slip. METRO's Board has asked for an analysis of our bus system. We're holding tons of public meetings to gather your input on how we change and improve bus service over the next few years.

Recent Updates

Public Outreach for March/April 2018 has been scheduled!

Check the meetings link below for specific dates, times, and locations.

METRO staff will be collecting input from our passengers on the future needs of the bus network. We are looking for detailed input about where the current service works, where it doesn't, where frequency should increase, what routes should have later service, and what connections could be improved – and any other input you'd like to provide! You are key to how our service will change. We need your ideas to drive our solutions. The feedback you've given us so far is greatly appreciated.

Can't make a meeting? Don't worry. You can reach our Planning Department at

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Project History

  • Fall 2019 - Preferred bus network is implemented
  • Summer 2018/Fall 2019 - Public Outreach and Education on the new network
  • Summer 2018 - Preferred bus network is selected (routes and frequencies)
  • March/April 2018 - Public Outreach! To collect feedback on draft service proposals
  • Jan./March 2018 - Draft service proposals are developed (routes and frequencies)
  • Sept./Dec. 2017 - Public Outreach! Over a dozen public outreach events are held to collect feedback on what is working and what could be improved in our existing bus network.
  • May 2017 - Stakeholder meeting with nearly 30 public entities, social service agencies, businesses, universities, and more to discuss the future needs of METRO's bus service. The meeting summary and the presentation can be found here.
  • January 2017 - Driving METRO Forward is reimagined to ensure customers and stakeholders are able to provide valuable input into the process. Previous proposals are revisited.
  • June/Sept. 2016 - Analysis continued, Option 1 refined based on feedback
  • June 2016 - Public Outreach! Sharing Option 1 & gathering feedback
  • April/May 2016 - Analysis begun, initial service proposal developed; Option 1
  • April 2016 - Public Outreach! Introducing project & Guiding Principles
  • March 2016 - Project kick-off, Guiding Principles developed