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METRO is moving forward and heading in new and exciting directions. Yes, we can learn from the past, but we don’t always have to do something the same way. METRO isn’t looking in the rear view mirror. Why? Because we aren’t heading that way. We are rethinking how we work, how our community travels, and how we can better serve Summit County.

In spring 2018, we presented a draft service plan for our entire network. This plan had great ideas and we received lots of feedback from our customers. The bottom line is, we want to do more; more for our riders, more for the residents of Summit County, and more for our business community. So rather than working within our existing resources to make a wholesale change to our network in fall 2019, we are moving to a phased approach with our focus on a bigger and better long-term future.

What does the future of METRO look like? We are working on that now! This year, we will work on an update to our long-range plan. Some key areas of focus include:

  • Providing more service on METRO's core/high ridership routes
  • Explore new mobility options for less dense areas
  • Public-private partnerships to provide mutual benefit and increase job access

But have no fear! Our riders will still see some great improvements in 2019! In December 2018, METRO's Board of Trustees approved an additional $1M for service improvements to begin this year. We plan to use these funds to do the following:

  • Increase the number of trips or provide later service to some of our high ridership or frequently requested routes. These changes will be based on feedback we’ve heard directly from our passengers.
  • Streamline some existing routes to provide better connections
  • Explore public-private partnerships for job access

In addition, we have resources allocated in the capital budget to:

  • Implement a bus stop improvement program
  • Reconstruct the Independence Turnaround facility

The first phase of Driving METRO Forward will begin April 7, 2019. Click here to review the changes.


METRO is always collecting input from our passengers on the future needs of the bus network. We are looking for detailed input about where the current service works, where it doesn't, where frequency should increase, what routes should have later service, and what connections could be improved – and any other input you'd like to provide! You are key to how our service will change. We need your ideas to drive our solutions. The feedback you've given us so far is greatly appreciated.

Keep an eye on the "meetings" icon below for upcoming public outreach. Can't make a meeting? Don't worry. You can reach our Planning Department at

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