Riding the Bus
Did you know you can take a METRO bus into downtown Cleveland?
Only $5 each way, or purchase a 10-ride ticket for $40. Weekday service only.

Northcoast Express
Service to Cleveland

The Northcoast Express is the service that goes to Cleveland. We also refer to it as the NCX service.

There are two routes originating from the Akron area. The x61 starts at our Transit Center and continues through Akron into the Fairlawn/Montrose area and jumps on the expressway. The x60 starts at the Chapel Hill Mall area and snakes through the northern part of the county, like Hudson and Twinsburg and on to Cleveland.

The fare is $5 each way, unless you purchase a 10-ride ticket for $40. This service is weekday only and runs early morning and late afternoons.

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