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METRO & GCRTA Are Accepting Transfers Between Them


Friday, January 31, 2014 3:31:29 PM

We're bringing transfers back!

METRO and GCRTA will honor transfers to and from each other’s systems beginning Monday, Feb. 3. Passengers taking one of METRO’s Northcoast Express routes to Cleveland can transfer to one of GCRTA’s buses for no additional charge. GCRTA riders taking METRO’s NCX service to Akron will get a $2.25 discount
toward their NCX fare with a GCRTA transfer. Ask your bus driver for a transfer card and make sure you present it when you board your next bus.

You cannot combine NCX discounts. (For example: You may use either your transfer card or NCX 10-ride ticket when you transfer from GCRTA to METRO, but not both.)Please try to use exact change when you pay your fare as fareboxes cannot issue cash change.

For more information on GCRTA's bus routes, visit